Wuhan, Stay Strong! China, Stay Strong!

In this Chinese New Year, I was planned to travel to Wuhan for several days during my stay in my hometown. As we all know that the Noval Coronavirus epidemic has spread all over country from Wuhan. More than 80% infections was in Wuhan, and the city has been locked since Jan 23. 

I have write a post about how the Noval Coronavirus affected Chinese daily life and the suggestions to cope with the unexpected disasters: Coronavirus Outbreak in China, and How We Adapt to the Black Swan World.

Obviously, this epidemic will have a big impact on Chinese economy. But, as I always said invest in China for a life time, I have the confidence in Chinese government, people, and entrepreneurs.

Chinese government has the excellent organization and response ability. We can see clearly from some examples:

  1.  Chinese government can mobilize all the resource from countries to fight against this epidemic. When the infection cases were growing rapidly in Wuhan, China built Huoshen hospital and Leishen hospital within a week.This following pic shows digging machines was working to build Huoshen hospital on the first day.

2. Strict concentrated treatment and quarantine in the whole country. The Chinese government make shift policy to make everyone self quarantine in home, and house to house temperature checks. So in Chinese New year, almost no one was on the street, but stay at home to prevent the virus to further spread. 

3. Chinese government takes all the measures to curb the epidemic. Such as mobilizing medical team and even the army to Wuhan to support the medical care and people daiy needs. The follwing pic shows that Haier medical team will go to Wuhan in airport. Many Chinese companies voluntarily offered support in Wuhan, for example, GREE and Midea provide air condition and air purifiers to the hospitals, Ping An Good Doctor provides online medical services for people, Tencent and Alibaba provides free online services, such as online meeting, etc, 

Many Chinese people are trying to help to win the epidemic. 

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  1. Ooori zohar

    Love china, lived in China for a decade as foreigner, also full time stock investor, China stay strong ! Thank god for people like you trying to put something positive out there, as someone who knows China well I am sick to my stomach hearing all the negative “analysis” in western media ! People in the west that never been to China, know nothing about China should stop talking !

    Stay Strong, hello from Dalian !!

    1. Xueqiuxia (Post author)

      Thanks! I see u love China very much, and we share the same value. Dalian is a very beautiful city, and best wishes!


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