Trip to Bohol Island in Philippines in Holy Week

Bohol island is one of the most famous places in Philippines for its unique Chocolate hills, Tarsier, many beautiful beaches, and the diving paradise. I have booked the air ticket and reserved hotel one week before Holy Week, however, just 3 days before holy week, news were exploding that terrorists and government army fighting, which made 9 people died in Bohol island. I was very nervous and kept watching the news in Bohol. As the Holy Week drawing near, and I have confirmed from some sources that Bohol island is already in a peace, so I decided to go in the end.

My route is taking air flight from Manila to Cebu, and then take a taxi to Pier 1, as there are many ferries going to Tagbilaran tourist port in Bohol island.

If you are interested in diving and relax in beach, it’s better that you live near Alona beach, this is the longest beach in Bohol island, and there are many restaurants and hotels nearby. This time, I chose to live in Green Papaya Resort, which has a very comfortable environment and friendly staffs. However, this resort is a little far from Alona beach, it will take around 20 minutes to Alona beach by walking. The nice thing is that this resort provide free shuttle travel between Alona beach and resort every 30 minutes. I have very good relax time here for two nights, and highly recommend to you if you have chance to Bohol island.

The most famous beach in Bohol island is Alona beach, many back packers from world come here every year. You can have beer, sunshine, delicious food, and have a very relax time.

In Bohol island, there are two activities I recommend: one day land tour and one day sea tour. There are many shops in Alona beach offer these services. Since I don’t want to travel in the sea and am more interested in seeing the beautiful landscape and unique animals in Bohol island, so I joined the “Bohol Countryside Day Tour”. It turned out that this was a very wonderful journey.

The first stop is “Xzootic Animal Park”, there are many species here. For instance, the most popular star here is the huge snake, the tourists can hold it and take picture. There are also monkeys and crocodile here.

The second stop is the famous “Chocolate hill”, the unique landscape attracts many people come here to visit. Harry Potter movie also had taken scenarios here.

Also the river bridge and the forest trees.

Next is the very cute Tarsier, small body with big eyes. This is very rare species only in Bohol island.

The last one is “Loboc Floating Resto”. After all day travel, I am wondering where to have lunch. As I entered into the boat, I found out that there is buffet here, the tourists can enjoy delicious food and wonderful river view during the journey.

During three days in Bohol island, I didn’t see there were any signs of conflicts here. Local people are very nice and many tourists here. Just as I went back to Cebu, there was an unexpected thing happened and made me hard to forget. I planned to leave on Sunday afternoon, however, when I reached to the Tagbilaran port, all the boat tickets sold out for Sunday. I was very nervous, because I won’t go back to Manila and missed my plane that day. Luckily, one police told me that there was “Tubigon” port which should have available boat to Cebu, but it’s in another side of Bohol island and very far. The taxi driver asked 2500 peso to get there, and the tricycle asked 1000 peso. So I immediately took on a tricycle to go to Tubigon Port. The tricycle driver is very good and running feel like taxi. When I arrive to the port, I got the boat ticket successfully.

Holy week and God bless!






  1. Sven Koster

    So many more people have to visit the Philippines! Such a great place!

    1. Xueqiuxia (Post author)

      Philippine is a paradise for many travelers, since there are many beautiful beaches

  2. Tina

    Great photos! I can’t wait to visit the Philippines myself!

    1. Xueqiuxia (Post author)

      It’s very nice to visit Philippines, you will Love IT : )


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