Travel to Shao Guan city and Danxia Mountain

Shao Guan city is located in the north of Guang dong Province, which is famous for its history and beautiful nature spot. 

There are three rivers through Shao guan city, so basically you can see the rivers every where in this city. 

Danxia Mountain is around 1 hour travel by bus from Shao guan city, which is specially famous for its unique structure. Actually, there are two parts here, one is Yangyuan Mountain, and another one is Zhanglao Mountain.

This pic shows the gate of Danxia Mountain

This one shows the Yangyuan moutain, and you can clearly see what it like based on your imagination. 

There is splendid view from mountain

In the south of Shao guan, lies an ancient temple for a thousand year history, called Nanhua temple. It is said Zen buddhism is originated from this place by Hui neng(六祖慧能).

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