The Top 10 Places You Must Go When Visiting Shenzhen

In Quroa, I see many foreigners asking for what places are fun or worth to visit in Shenzhen. I will summarize the top 10 places that are the best places to visit in my mind.

  1. Shenzhen Citizens Center

Shenzhen Citizens Center is located in the center of Shenzhen. From here, you can have a whole picture of this modern city. There are many places here you should not miss:

Ping An Building: The highest building in Shenzhen, which is more than 600 meters;

Shenzhen Museum: you will learn how Shenzhen developed from a small fish village into an international city in the past 30 years;

Lianhua Mountain: the statue of Deng Xiao Ping is here;

Shenzhen Library: the largest library in Shenzhen.

2. Shenzhen Bay Park

Shenzhen Bay is a long seaside walking road that connecting Futian District and Nanshan District. You can not only see large area of  Mangroves here, but also watch Hongkong across the sea.

3. East Gate

East Gate is largest commodity trading place in Shenzhen, which is also the earliest trading place in Shenzhen. You can buy different things at very cheap price here, such as clothes, shoes, etc.

4. Di Wang Building

Di Wang Building is the iconic architecture in Shenzhen, which was once the highest building in China.

5. Wu Tong Mountain

Wu Tong Mountain is the highest mountain in Shenzhen. From the top of the mountain, you can have a full view of Shenzhen, especially astonishing at night.

6. Da Mei Sha

Da Mei Sha is the nearest beach from the center of Shenzhen, there are always many people in the weekend. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean and have delicious sea food here.

7. Huaqiang North

Shenzhen is famous for the electronic devices trade, and the hub is in Huaqiang North. In its peak time, more than 50% percent of the foreign trade of electronic devices in China was from Huaqiang North. Huaqiang North street is around 1 KM long, and you can see different electronic brand in the street. 

8. Eastern Hua Qiao Town.

Eastern Hua Qiao Town is near Da Mei Sha. There are many good places you can have fun with, such as hot spring, amusement park, botanical garden, etc.

9. Window of World

Window of World is a park that contains the statues of all famous architectures from all over the world.

10 Sea World.

Sea World is located in She Kou, there are many night bars here, and also a favorite place of foreigners.

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