The Journey to the South of Tibet Plateau

After dwelling in Lasha for several days, I decided to go to the south of Tibet Plateau with my friends, including some amazing places: Linzhi, Ya Lu Zang Bu river, Namucuo, Yang Lake, etc. It took around 5 days to travel for these places, and most of the journey is in the car, however, it’s worth it!

The first place is Mila Mountain, it’s the gateway to the south. The height of this mountain is around 5.1KM. When I arrrived here, and went off the car, it’s a little hard for breathing since the air is thin here.

When we traveling along the way, there are numerous beautiful scenarios:

Next place is Ya Lu Zang Bu river, this is the highest river in the world, local people called this place is river in the heaven.

The next day, weather become more clear, and the scenario is more astonishing.

In this middle of the day, we went to Hong Ye Temple, this is one of the oldest temple in Tibet, and it is said this temple is built by Song Zan Gan Bu for Wen Cheng Princess.

In this afternoon, we went to Longbolhakang, it was the first palace built by the first Tibetan King on the Yarlung Plain in the 2nd century BC. You can see it standing high in the sky from far distance.

When we went down Longbolhakang, the sun is hanging in the sky suddenly, we see the famous “Tibet blue”.

In the evening, we are staying in Shannan City. This is a new built city, not big. I walk around this city in the evening, and saw many people dancing in the square. Every one was happy!

In the fourth day, we woke up early again. Since the weather is good, we can enjoy the amazing view long time.

In the last day, we arrived in Na Mu Cuo, it’s the second largest lake in Tibet. The height of this lake is around 5KM, there are a small mountain near the lake, so we can climb up the mountain to see the sunset, however, when I climb up, I found it’s very hard for breathe, since the air is so thin here.

Beside the wonderful view, there are also two things strike me most:

  1. Environment issue. When we traveled in the car, I noticed there are a large spot in a mountain, the driver told me that that spot is sand, there are also many places to be invaded by sand. The sand is like cancer, if there is one place covered by sand, the sand area will become larger and larger. Luckily, our government already notice this issue, and make best effort to eliminate it.

2. Infrastructure. Tibet is the second largest province in China, however, there is one railway currently. When we traveled in the south of Tibet, we see lots of railway, bridge, highway are building. Since government invest heavily in the infrasturcture in Tibet, Tibet is the fastest growing province in recent years. And with these infrasture is put into use, more and more people can come to Tibet to see this wonderful land.

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