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Analysis of Xiaomi 2020 Interim Report: Investment Creates Good Yields

In 2020, COVID-19 pandemic has put great challenges to businesses, especially overseas market. From another perspective, COVID has provide great opportunity to identify which company has resilient business, and beyond expectation even in difficult times.  Actually, the business performance of Xiaomi is beyond expectations in the first half year of 2020. As we can see from the financial result, the overall revenue is growing modestly by 7.9%, and the profit is growing fast by 29.3. If we are clearly aware of lockdown…
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Three Chinese Electric Vehicle maker NIO, Li Auto, XPeng were IPO in US Market, Who will Be Tesla of China?

In China, everything is changing fast, especially in the technology. Now, AI+Big Data+Cloud is radically transforming the Chinese traditional industries.  Compared with other traditional industries, Car industry has been through a lot of change since Tesla was born.  First,Chinese car industry is already matured, and the growth is negative in recent years. The overall sales volume of car reached top in 2017 at 29M, and gradually reduced to 25M in 2019.  Second, in recent years, Chinese government is pushing the…
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Analysis of Xiaomi 2019 Annual Financial Report

Xiaomi was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9, 2018 (1810.HK), so it’s the second year that we can see how Xiaomi developed and get the accurate financial results.  Financial Analysis Actually, I was amazed about the good financial performance in 2019. Total revenue of Xiaomi was RMB205.8 billion, an increase of 17.7% year-over-year. Adjusted net profit was RMB11.5 billion, an increase of 34.8% year-over-year. We should know that Xiaomi was only 10 years…
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