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Huawei VS America: Why Huawei is not Defeated in Sino-US trade war

In my previous post, I have discussed my opinion about the Sino-US trade war, my conclusion is clear that China will not suffer a lot during the trade war, and in contrast, US need to stop this for its own benefit, since globalization is a big trend that not a single country can reverse.  The landmark event is Huawei Q3 financial report, that the three quaters of revenue performance of Huawei is up 24%, and the sales unit of Huawei…
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The US-China Trade War: A Big Threat for Investing in China?

Since US-China trade war beginning last year, the two side held several rounds negotiation for more than one year. When everyone think the war will be ended in May, the US government posed strong malicious proposition towards Chinese high tech companies, such as Huawei, Hikivison, Yitu, DaHua, etc.  The prohibition of purchasing CPU, software almost killed ZTE last year.  There are many news about US-China trade war, and it’s very clear now that the war will not end in a…
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