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The Journey to the South of Tibet Plateau

After dwelling in Lasha for several days, I decided to go to the south of Tibet Plateau with my friends, including some amazing places: Linzhi, Ya Lu Zang Bu river, Namucuo, Yang Lake, etc. It took around 5 days to travel for these places, and most of the journey is in the car, however, it’s worth it! The first place is Mila Mountain, it’s the gateway to the south. The height of this mountain is around 5.1KM. When I arrrived…
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Lhasa, a Thousand Year City Topping on the World Where to Find Soul and Faith

Most people know Lhasa history dates back to Tang dynasty, when Wencheng Princess was married to Songzan Ganbu in Tubo kingdom (now is Tibet) for the peace of both sides. Wencheng princess brought farming technique, art, textile, most importantly, Buddhism to Lhasa. Now Lhasa is a fast developing city, many people from the inland come to Lhasa seeking wealth. When I took taxi from Lasa Railway station, the driver said there are around 80% taxi drivers from Henan province, and…
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Tibet Plateau, a Place Nearest Heaven

After I visited Lanzhou, I took the train from Lanzhou to Lasha, and the train will go through the Tibet Plateau. The average height of Tibet is more than 4 KM, the highest mountain Everest is also in Tibet plateau. Actually, we all believe that Tibet is a place which is nearest to heaven. There’s no better way to wittness the greatness of Tibet plateau on Qingzang Railway. On the train, you can see Tibet in a whole picture quietly….
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