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Travel in Chengdu during 2021 Chinese National Holiday

I had my college career in Chengdu from 2005 to 2009, so Chendu is a second home city to me. In 2021 Chinese National Holiday, I have travelled back to Chengdu as my first trip place. This time, I have witnessed the development and traditional part of Chengdu.  In the last few years, Chengdu has invested a lot in the southern area. The Tianfu Ave is the main road which lies in the heart of southern area of Chengdu, and numerous…
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True Investment Lesson from Warren Buffett

As the world moving towards inflation age, every government want to print more money to solve certain problems. The fast increasing new money made normal people lose their purchase power, and every one is eager to find out a way to maintain their current wealth. So many investment managers are showing people of different investing ways, such as gold, oil, P2P, stock, real estate, etc, and promising huge returns in a short time. The result is always turned out that…
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