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Hikvision Financial Analysis

In previous post, I have analyzed Hikvision from business perspective, for details, please refer to http://www.xueqiuxia.com/blog/hikvision-business-analysis-great-iot-solution-provider-based-on-video-surveillance-to-leading-promising-ai-era/ In this post, I will analyze Hikvision from financial analysis. As I have discussed before, my analysis always focus on four parts: Financial health; Business growth; Profitability; Management efficiency. Now, let’s dive into the four parts one by one: Financial Health. In this part, the most import is to check if this company has enough money to pay its loan, to check how many…
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Investment Thoughts and Records in Chinese Stock Market for 2017 H1

In 2017 H1, the power of value investment in China stock market has shown to everyone. “Beautiful 50” market value has grew a lot during this period. As Chinese stock market and the investors become more mature, I believe that the market value of these companies generates real wealth will far exceed other companies in the future. During 2017 H1, the overall return of my investment in Chinese stock market is 35.66%, in comparison, the Shanghai index increased around 1.8%,…
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Hikvision Business Analysis: Great IOT Solution Provider Based on Video Surveillance to Leading Promising AI Era

Hikvision, established in Hangzhong in 2001, is dedicated to provide cutting edge video surveillance solution in the last decade. After less than 20 years development, Hikvison surpassed the western companies and become the Top video surveillance solution providers globally. In my opinion, Hikvision well represents the rapid growth of these great Chinese companies, which are focusing on innovation, value creation for customers, embracing the global market and continuing to create wealth for shareholders. In this post, I will introduce Hikvison…
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