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Will HarmonyOS be the Cornerstone of Huawei Success in Future?

As we all know, Huawei has faced huge challenges from US restrictions in recent years. For example, Washington restricted Huawei access to Google software and services in 2019, and this move stroke a deadly blow to the mushroom growth of Huawei smartphones business. However, after years of R&D, Huawei made a major breakthrough with the successful launch of its HarmonyOS 2 for  smartphones, tablets and smart watches on Jun 02. The move marks a crucial step for Huawei, which had prepared for its transition…
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Analysis of Huawei 2020 Annual Report: Make Preparation for Mastering Own Destiny

As we know, 2020 is a very challenge year for Chinese companies, because of the COVID-19 impact. However, I believe Huawei has most tough year compared with others, since US government make strict ban of key component procurement.  Let’s see what financial data Huawei achieved in 2020. From the above graph, we can see that the revenue and net profit are still growing slightly. Considering the dual impact of COVID-19 and US procurement ban, it’s not easy for Huawei. However,…
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Huawei and Chinese Tech Companies will Become Stronger as US Curbs Tougher

There is a saying when make a comparison between Chinese tech companies and US tech companies.  Which company can compete against Cisco? The answer is Huawei.  Which company can compete against Google Android? The answer is Huawei.  Which company can compete against Intel? The answer is Huawei.  Which company can comptet against Apple? The answer is Huawei.  This awkward comparison shows that very few Chinese tech companies have the realy ability to compete against US peers, except Huawei. That’s why…
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