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Warren Buffett: about Management, Moats, and the Certainty of Future Earnings

This is excerpt from Bershire Hathway annual meeting in 1999 regarding Management, moats, and the certainty of future earnings from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger WARREN BUFFETT: The moat and the management are part of the valuation process, in that they enter into our thinking as to the degree of certainty that we attribute to the stream of income — stream of cash, actually — that we expect in the future and the amount of it. I mean it is, you know,…
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Investment Wisdom from Buffett Letter to Berkshire Shareholder in 2017

Each year, after Warren Buffett took office in Berkshire, he will write a letter to shareholder together with annual report. In this letter, Warren not only summarize the performance of Berkshire in the past year, but also brief his investment philosophy. It’s a holy bible to every value investor. In Feb 26, 2017, Warren Buffett released latest letter to the world as usual. Numerous of critics or news have reported and analyzed for the letter, so I don’t want to…
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True Investment Lesson from Warren Buffett

As the world moving towards inflation age, every government want to print more money to solve certain problems. The fast increasing new money made normal people lose their purchase power, and every one is eager to find out a way to maintain their current wealth. So many investment managers are showing people of different investing ways, such as gold, oil, P2P, stock, real estate, etc, and promising huge returns in a short time. The result is always turned out that…
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