Shaolin Temple, the Chinese Kung Fu Homeland

In the spring festival this year, I went to have a trip in Henan province with my parents, for Kaifeng ancient city and Shaolin Temple. Shaolin temple is famous for Kunfu especially, as the old saying in China, all kinds of Kung fu is originated from Shaolin Temple, this place is the Chinese Kung Fu homeland. If you have a chance to go to Henan province, it’s highly recommended for you to visit this place. 

Actually, it’s not a good time to travel in China in spring festival, as there are so many people everywhere, let alone the famous places. So there are huge crowded people in Shaolin temple that day. 

The temple is not big inside, and just as the similar layout as most other temples in China. However, Shaolin Temple has more than one thousand years history, although it has been damaged for several damages in the wars, there are still many culture legacies in this temple. 

Outside Shaolin Temple, there is Feng Lin not far, which is the place for the memory of each Zhuchi(住持). 

And in the Shaoshi Mountain, Da Mo Hole (达摩洞) is in several miles from Shaolin Temple. 


In Shaolin Temple, the Kung Fu show will be open for visitors. 

It’s a very wonderful day for visiting Shaolin Temple, however, it’s a little regret that I don’t have enough time to climb Shaoshi Mountain and Taishi Mountain, and it’s for the next time. 

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