Huawei VS America: Why Huawei is not Defeated in Sino-US trade war

In my previous post, I have discussed my opinion about the Sino-US trade war, my conclusion is clear that China will not suffer a lot during the trade war, and in contrast, US need to stop this for its own benefit, since globalization is a big trend that not a single country can reverse. 

The landmark event is Huawei Q3 financial report, that the three quaters of revenue performance of Huawei is up 24%, and the sales unit of Huawei cellphone is 200 Million by September this year. We all know that Huawei is in the swirl center in Sino-US trade war, and US make Huawei as the biggest threat in technology, published the most severe punishment, such as the limitation for using the CPU from US companies, Google Android, etc. 

However, it’s also surprised me that Huawei is still in good growth trend this year, and the Chairman Ren Zhenfei stressed that Huawei can transfer 5G technologies from Huawei to the US technology firms although Huawei is badly treated by US goverment. 

So, why Huawei is not defeated in this sino-US trade war? My reasons are as follows:

  1. Huawei is dedicated to develop its own technology, such as CPU, algrothm, etc. So Huawei is not afraid the US banned the US technology firms to cooperate with Huawei. 
  2. The full cycle of technology industry chain in China. Chinese companies can design, build, manufacture and supply the most part of the technology hardware and software by its own after many years accumulation. The world rely on Chinese companies to start its engine, otherwise, the world would stop. 
  3. Globalization makes every countries connected, especially USA and China. The only result is bad for the world economy if the two big countries continues to fight for a long time. 
  4. If USA to banned to output its technology, we have other countries to cooperate, and there are many excellent technologies firms in other countries

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