Business Analysis of Ping An 2019 Annual Report

Unlike the old days, Ping An published 2019 annual reports on Feb 21th, 2020, and almost one month in advance compared with last year. As a finance conglomerate, Ping An offers complex business services, such as insurance, bank, securities, trust, and five ecosystem, it’s hard to imagine that Ping An can publish annual reports in a short time. However, if we know Ping An history, we will not be so surprise. As I have posted: Ping An, a World-Leading Technology-Powered Retail Financial Services Group, Ping An Ping An clearly defined “finance + technology” as its core and main businessesSince Ping An take huge investment in technology each year, and Ping An employs technologies to improve efficiency, enhance risk management, and cut operating costs of its financial businesses. From the effiency of annual reports publishment, we can see Ping An achieve great success in technology transformation and data operation. 

From Ping An 2019 Annual Report

As Chairman Mingzhe Ma said in the annual report: Speed is paramount. First-mover advantages are key to business competition. To secure first-mover advantages, we need to anticipate trends, make timely decisions, and take action ahead of others on the basis of fast, relevant and accurate data. In recent years, Ping An has made remarkable progress in technology-powered, data-driven operations, which has enabled us to bring forward the 2019 annual results release more than 20 days

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