Investment Records

In this blog, I will focus on publish my traveling experience, my personal thoughts on value investment or other things, and want to share with each of you about China development and find great Chinese company to invest in. I will try my best to update my blog once a week.

To prove value investment can be applied in Chinese market and the huge potential about many Chinese companies growing from good to great in the 21th century. I will record my invest record here for every half a year span, starting 1 as basic benchmark from 2017.1.1, in contrast to Chinese Shanghai market index and US Dow Jones market index. Meanwhile, I will also make a summary for my investment every half a year in “Some Thoughts part.

I welcome any visitors here, be eager to hear your comments on my posts and hope to make friends and discuss with you if you share the same interests with me.

Year Shanghai Market Index Dow Jones Market Index My Record Change
2017.1.1 3135.92 19881.76 1 0%
2017.6.30 3192 21349.63 1.3566 35.66%
2018.1 3307.17 24831.09 1.7552 29.38%
2018.6 2847.42 24271.41 1.66744 -5.01%