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Some thoughts on vision, business, and investment

Let’s start with a scenario: when you travel in a strange place and get lost, luckily you find a road sign, however, there are many complex directions on it. What will you do next? I think many people will try different ways in short distance and back to the original place in the end. Another example I believe most people tried when they are kids: close your eyes even in a wide straight road and try to find how long…
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Hello, 2017

2016 is just past, and welcome 2017! To me, I have plenty of memories in 2016, both good and bad. For investment philosophy, I have become more confidence in value investment; for invest in Chinese stock market, I also have some profit based on my investment philosophy and framework. The Snowball book and Warren Buffet to shareholder letter provides me a more comprehensive insights in investment. Thank you, Warren! And wish you always keep healthy and happy. 2017 starts from…
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