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Farewell Manila, Salamat Philippines!

Today I will leave to China, I would never think how I miss Philippines so much when I leave. Raining is so strong outside of restaurant, it seems that the God don’t want me leave as well. In the airport, so many memories rushed into my head. I have experienced many happy moments, met many friends, and enjoyed wonderful nature here in the past one year. It’s hard to say goodbye, but I will definitely be back again.

How to Survive in Volatile Stock Market by using Crab Boat Model

When I went to Puerto Galera island every time, I need to take a crab boat from Batangas pier. During traveling in the ocean, the waves are always big. The genius part is that the crab boat has two bars in its two side, just like people has two legs, which enable the Crab boat sailing smoothly and safely.  JP Morgan once said market is always fluctuating. In Chinese stock market, the market is even more volatile comparing to the…
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Sabang Beach, a Diving Paradise in Philippines

If someone let me suggest good places for diving, I would recommend Sabang Beach. Simply because of its large area coral reef, ideal for first and experienced divers. Beside, there are also many good restaurants and resorts for relaxing and enjoy. There are around 30 places good for diving, most of them near Sabang beach. I am first diver, however, I always want to try some new things. Since I had snorkeling to see whaleshark in Donsol last time, I…
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Hikvision Business Analysis: Great IOT Solution Provider Based on Video Surveillance to Leading Promising AI Era

Hikvision, established in Hangzhong in 2001, is dedicated to provide cutting edge video surveillance solution in the last decade. After less than 20 years development, Hikvison surpassed the western companies and become the Top video surveillance solution providers globally. In my opinion, Hikvision well represents the rapid growth of these great Chinese companies, which are focusing on innovation, value creation for customers, embracing the global market and continuing to create wealth for shareholders. In this post, I will introduce Hikvison…
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Review of the Circle: How AI will Influence Our Life and How We Benefit Instead of Being Replaced by AI

Last week, I have watched “the Circle”, stared nt Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. This movie blow my mind away. Since I am just learning about AI recently, I see that AI will have a revolutionary impact on our daily life. We need to face that AI is coming to us already. In this movie, Mae (Emma Watson) is hired to work for the world’s largest and most powerful tech & social media company “the Circle”, she sees it as an…
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Some Thoughts about the Relationship of Philippines and China from Business Perspective

Just days ago, I had a drink with one Filippino friend. When we talking about different topics, one of them was about the relationship between Philippines and China. As we all know, some disputes about the island territory existed long time ago. Since Duterte became the new president of Philippines, he was always trying to make good relationship with China, and set aside the history island issues. The main cause is from business, instead of politics. So business collaboration from each…
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Incredible Adventure: Splendid View of Mayon Volcano, Exciting ATV Ride in Legazpi, Dancing with Whaleshark in Donsol

I never thought that I would have an incredible adventure journey in Legazpi and Donsol. Previously, I just wanted to see the Mayon Volcano in Legazpi, which is very famous for its highness and unique shape. However, except that splendid view of Mayon Volcano, I also had an unexpected experience of ATV ride in Green Larva trail, and had a dancing with Whaleshark in Donsol. Before I recording this journey, let me put a Legazpi Tourism Supermarker picture of Mayon…
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Some Thoughts on Choice Making Influenced by Optimistic and Pessimistic Emotions

Once upon a time, there is a poor guy in Chu country (楚国) in ancient China, reading a story in the book of “Huai Nan Zi” (淮南子): A cockroach hiding behind a leaf so that the predators can not find it. So an idea immediately was sparkled in his head, he collected many leaf from tree, and put one of them covering his eyes. He asked his wife: I can not see u, can u see me? His wife answered…
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Trip to Bohol Island in Philippines in Holy Week

Bohol island is one of the most famous places in Philippines for its unique Chocolate hills, Tarsier, many beautiful beaches, and the diving paradise. I have booked the air ticket and reserved hotel one week before Holy Week, however, just 3 days before holy week, news were exploding that terrorists and government army fighting, which made 9 people died in Bohol island. I was very nervous and kept watching the news in Bohol. As the Holy Week drawing near, and…
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The Internet “PIPE” Business- Huawei Business Analysis

If sunshine, air, water, food, electricity are the five essential elements for every one’s life before, after the third technology revolution, Internet becomes another essential element. We all know PC, mobile phone and Pad, because we can enjoy amazing Internet services from these terminals. However, most of us don’t know that there are complex telecom systems behind to support all these Internet services. Just like every house has a faucet, we can drink water because of there are water plants…
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