Buffet said life is like a snowball. The important thing is finding  wet snow and a really long hill

Investment Traveler is a blog where I will share my personal thoughts about China’s development, Chinese companies, etc.

This blog mainly includes three parts:

Traveling: I will record where I am traveling and share with you any funny or useful information.

Some Thoughts: Whenever I read some good books, financial reports, or newspapers, etc. If there are some sparkling ideas in my head, I will record and share with you

Chinese Company: In this section, I want to introduce great Chinese companies to you, from any useful perspective I could think about.

I am not a professional investor, however, I am a strong believer in value investment. In 21st century, China will become the most successful country in the world, and many great Chinese companies will be fast growing and lasting to next century. This is a wonderland for investors, especially value investors!

Let’s find the wet snow and longest hills, and keep rolling!