Travel in Chinese National Holiday (Qingyuan-Huangyao Ancient Town-Longji Terrace-Wuzhou-Zhaoqing)

This year, the Chinese National Holiday has 8 days vacation, and it’s a good time for self driving travel. 

I have been to Qingyuan, Huangyao Ancient town, Longji Terrace, Wuzhou, Zhaoqing. All these places are in Guangdong and Guangxi Province, and each place has different views. 


In Qingyuan, the most impressive thing is to have delicious food. Tian Qiaodi is a remote restaurant, and famous for chicken. 

Alougth the restaurant environment is not good, but numerous people are waiting here to enjoy the chicken food. 

Even the COV-19 still spread all over the world, Chinese people has went back to normal life thanks to the government comprehensive regulation. 

Huangyao Ancient town

Huangyao Ancient town is in Hezhou city, which is famous for the long time history and peaceful environment. 

Longji Terrace

When I travel from Huangyao Ancient town to Longji Terrace, I have seen the most amazing view on the road. Guilin and Yangsuo nature resource is all along the road. 

Driving to Longji terrace is not an easy thing, the road is very rough and narrow. If you want to see the good view of Longji terrace, you need to drive to the top of the mountain, which is arond 1KM high. 

But, the view is worth it!


Wuzhou once had a glorious history in Qing dynasty for business prosperity, because there are three rivers running through this city and connect to Hongkong by ship. 


Zhaoqing is more developed city than Wuzhou, since it’s near Guangzhou and Shenzhen. However, Zhaoqing has more natural resource than Wuzhou, too. 

Qi Xing Yan is in the center of Zhaoqing city

Zhaoqing is a history city as well. Bao Zheng, who is famous figure in Chinese hisory, has been governed here in Song dynasty. 

It’s a very great experience to drive all these places, and I have enjoyed the great nature view, delicious food, and see how people lived in different places. 

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