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Yili: Long term growth by International market and becoming healthy food provider

This year, the stock price of Yili performed badly, dropped by more than 25% since beginning of 2018. In my opinion, there are several causes: Fierce competition: highly increased cost for advertisement, and the profit stays nearly flat.  The internal management problems remains unsolved, and the investors worry about future development.  Huge growth of the stock price last year makes it gravitate to the lower place. In short term, market price may fluctuate and no one can predict accurately always. However,…
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Investment Thoughts and Records in Chinese Stock Market for 2017 H1

In 2017 H1, the power of value investment in China stock market has shown to everyone. “Beautiful 50” market value has grew a lot during this period. As Chinese stock market and the investors become more mature, I believe that the market value of these companies generates real wealth will far exceed other companies in the future. During 2017 H1, the overall return of my investment in Chinese stock market is 35.66%, in comparison, the Shanghai index increased around 1.8%,…
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