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Taobao and TMall, the Massive and Fast Growing Online Retail Ecosystem in China

Alibaba provides the largest retail commerce business in the world in terms of GMV 2020, which is up to US 1 trillion in terms of GMV. Alibaba operate China retail marketplaces, consisting of Taobao Marketplace, China’s largest mobile commerce destination with a large and growing social community, and Tmall, the world’s largest third-party online and mobile commerce platform for brands and retailers.  As I have said Alibaba aims to build the operating system for commerce, and provides a bundle of services…
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Huaqiang North, the Center Hub of Electronics and a Glimpse of Shenzhen Past

Huaqiang North, is just a narrow street in Futian area of Shenzhen, however, it means a lot to the electronics industry just like the meaning as Wall street to finance. It is said, in the prime time, more than half of the foreign trade of electronics in China is from Huaqiang North. Especially, in the 2000, people are pouring into Huaqiang North, and dream to get rich by working here. Indeed, numerous of famous companies and billionaires are born here,…
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Alibaba, the Operating System for Commerce, Make Business Easy Anywhere

Alibaba is the largest enterprise in China by market capital right now, and it only has 20 years history, which aim to last at least 102 years. The most important founder, Jack Ma, is like a rock star. In China, Alibaba and Tencent provides the digital life and transformed everyone’s life. Alibaba aim to build the operating system for commerce, and buying items online is a basic lifestyle. Tencent has built infrastructure for social life online, everyone’s phone has Wechat or…
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