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Ping An, a World-Leading Technology-Powered Retail Financial Services Group

Ping An is an originated Shenzhen enterprise, and is as famous as Huawei, Tencent, and Vanke. All of them start from Shenzhen, and provide products or services in China and all over the world. In Shenzhen, the highest building is Ping An Mansion Ping An is founded in 1988 by Ma Mingzhe, at first, Ping an only provides Property & Casulty insurance in She Kou, Shenzhen. After serveral years of learning from abroad, Ping An launches Life & Health insurance…
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Alibaba, the Operating System for Commerce, Make Business Easy Anywhere

Alibaba is the largest enterprise in China by market capital right now, and it only has 20 years history, which aim to last at least 102 years. The most important founder, Jack Ma, is like a rock star. In China, Alibaba and Tencent provides the digital life and transformed everyone’s life. Alibaba aim to build the operating system for commerce, and buying items online is a basic lifestyle. Tencent has built infrastructure for social life online, everyone’s phone has Wechat or…
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Some Thoughts on Business from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Perspective

Human has variety of needs and desires in all their life, and companies are set up to serve all these different needs. With the development of society, people pursue more than ever before, that’s why numerous new startups were built every year. Some companies are dedicated to develop continuous competitive strengths for satisfy a certain people needs for long term growth and profit, however, there are also many companies change from one area to another, always trying to pursue the most…
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