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Huaqiang North, the Center Hub of Electronics and a Glimpse of Shenzhen Past

Huaqiang North, is just a narrow street in Futian area of Shenzhen, however, it means a lot to the electronics industry just like the meaning as Wall street to finance. It is said, in the prime time, more than half of the foreign trade of electronics in China is from Huaqiang North. Especially, in the 2000, people are pouring into Huaqiang North, and dream to get rich by working here. Indeed, numerous of famous companies and billionaires are born here,…
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The Top 10 Places You Must Go When Visiting Shenzhen

In Quroa, I see many foreigners asking for what places are fun or worth to visit in Shenzhen. I will summarize the top 10 places that are the best places to visit in my mind. Shenzhen Citizens Center Shenzhen Citizens Center is located in the center of Shenzhen. From here, you can have a whole picture of this modern city. There are many places here you should not miss: Ping An Building: The highest building in Shenzhen, which is more…
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