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Peter Lynch: Horizon Matters Most When Talking about Market Timing

The market itself is very volatile. We’ve had 95 years completed this century. We’re in the middle of 1996 and we’re close to a 10 percent decline. In the 95 years so far, we’ve had 53 declines in the market of 10 percent or more. Not 53 down years. The market might have been up 26 finished the year up four, and had a 10 percent correction. So we’ve had 53 declines in 95 years. That’s once every two years….
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Warren Buffett: about Management, Moats, and the Certainty of Future Earnings

This is excerpt from Bershire Hathway annual meeting in 1999 regarding Management, moats, and the certainty of future earnings from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger WARREN BUFFETT: The moat and the management are part of the valuation process, in that they enter into our thinking as to the degree of certainty that we attribute to the stream of income — stream of cash, actually — that we expect in the future and the amount of it. I mean it is, you know,…
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