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Visit Nanhai Temple (南海禅寺) in Runan

During my vacation in Runan, I specifically went to visit Nanhai Temple, which is the most famous place in Runan, also one of the largest Temple in China. This is the entrance of Nanhai Temple. After entering inside, you will immediately see the beautiful scenario of this temple. “以戒为师” remind people to keep away bad desire, such as greedy, lazy, addict, etc. And then we will walk through “Collaboration Gate” (合作门), reminding us to learn to collaborate with each other….
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Runan (汝南), a thousand year history small town in Central China

Runan (汝南) is my home town, so in the Spring Chinese new year, I went back to Runan to celebrate the Spring Festival with my family. Runan, another name Tian Zhong, have thousand years history in China, and many famous people are born here, also with many beautiful cultural stories, for example, Lian Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, a famous lover in Chinese history, died here. With tremendous history background, there are many beautiful scenarios. This is Tian Zhong Mountain (天中山),…
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