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Wuhan, Stay Strong! China, Stay Strong!

In this Chinese New Year, I was planned to travel to Wuhan for several days during my stay in my hometown. As we all know that the Noval Coronavirus epidemic has spread all over country from Wuhan. More than 80% infections was in Wuhan, and the city has been locked since Jan 23.  I have write a post about how the Noval Coronavirus affected Chinese daily life and the suggestions to cope with the unexpected disasters: Coronavirus Outbreak in China, and How…
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GREE Electric: Made in China, Loved by the world

GREE, the whole name is Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai, is one of the most famous Chinese home appliance companies in China. GREE grows from zero in 1990, and become the leading international air condition company now. So far, it has developed three brands, namely GREE, TOSOT and KINGHOME, with a wide product range which includes residential air conditioners, central air conditioners, air source water heaters, smart phones, home appliances, refrigerators, etc. The history of GREE is complex, since…
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Runan (汝南), a thousand year history small town in Central China

Runan (汝南) is my home town, so in the Spring Chinese new year, I went back to Runan to celebrate the Spring Festival with my family. Runan, another name Tian Zhong, have thousand years history in China, and many famous people are born here, also with many beautiful cultural stories, for example, Lian Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, a famous lover in Chinese history, died here. With tremendous history background, there are many beautiful scenarios. This is Tian Zhong Mountain (天中山),…
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