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Hikvision Financial Analysis

In previous post, I have analyzed Hikvision from business perspective, for details, please refer to http://www.xueqiuxia.com/blog/hikvision-business-analysis-great-iot-solution-provider-based-on-video-surveillance-to-leading-promising-ai-era/ In this post, I will analyze Hikvision from financial analysis. As I have discussed before, my analysis always focus on four parts: Financial health; Business growth; Profitability; Management efficiency. Now, let’s dive into the four parts one by one: Financial Health. In this part, the most import is to check if this company has enough money to pay its loan, to check how many…
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Financial Analysis of Huawei

Financial analysis is a fundamental process for evaluating the company you are interested in. When I make financial analysis, I would like to analyze from the following perspectives: financial health, financial growth, profitability analysis, management related data for a long time span, at least 3 years. Next, I will take Huawei as an example to analyze for  the past 5 years, and the financial data are all coming from Huawei annual reports, and are all using CNY. 1. Financial Health….
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