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Huawei and Chinese Tech Companies will Become Stronger as US Curbs Tougher

There is a saying when make a comparison between Chinese tech companies and US tech companies.  Which company can compete against Cisco? The answer is Huawei.  Which company can compete against Google Android? The answer is Huawei.  Which company can compete against Intel? The answer is Huawei.  Which company can comptet against Apple? The answer is Huawei.  This awkward comparison shows that very few Chinese tech companies have the realy ability to compete against US peers, except Huawei. That’s why…
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Huawei Competitive Advantages and Moat Analysis

In previous posts, I have discussed the management and financial performance of Huawei. If you are interested, please go to review, and any suggestions are welcomed. Today, I want to focus on discussing about the moat from my perspective. Moat analysis is very important for value investment, since it can provide you an insight for how long this company can enjoy wonderful profits. After witness Huawei fast development in the past years, I think the moat of Huawei concentrates on…
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Financial Analysis of Huawei

Financial analysis is a fundamental process for evaluating the company you are interested in. When I make financial analysis, I would like to analyze from the following perspectives: financial health, financial growth, profitability analysis, management related data for a long time span, at least 3 years. Next, I will take Huawei as an example to analyze for  the past 5 years, and the financial data are all coming from Huawei annual reports, and are all using CNY. 1. Financial Health….
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