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Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger criteria for selling a company or stock

This is excerpt from Bershire Hathway annual meeting in 2000 regarding to the criteria for selling a company or stock. Actually, Buffet gives his clear opinion that buy and hold strategy for wonderful business.  AUDIENCE MEMBER: Yeah, my main question is this. Much has been written by you, and a lot more by other people, about your criteria, or the criteria you use when you make a purchase of a company, either in full or in part.   But almost nothing…
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Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting in 2012

Did you believe the CEO of any financial organization can also be the chief risk officer. Does the future ceo will be chief risk officer? I do believe CEO of financial organizations should also be chief risk officer. I am the chief risk officer of Berkshire. My successor will have the same responsibility, and we will not select who does not have the ability. It is not an impossible job. Berkshire can act in speed that is rare among corporations….
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