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Huawei and Samsung: Who is a More Iconic Global Smart Device Brand

Every smart device vendor will take Apple as their teacher and first competitor. However, as we see Huawei has achieved great success in recent year, especially in smart devices area. If you ask me which is the first competitor of Huawei, I would say Samsung.  My opinion is based on several factors: The market share, and let’s see the latest Q3 phone market share results of 2019  from Canalys:  Market share leader Samsung shipped 11% more smartphones than it did…
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Xiaomi, Build Largest Consumer IoT Platform, Make Quality Technology for Everyone

Xiaomi was founded in April 2010 by Lei Jun and several other partners. At the beginning, Lei Jun was a fan of Steve Jobs, and aim to make Xiaomi a great global company like Apple. So when you learn Xiaomi history and products, you can see the similiarities between Xiaomi and Apple, such as the store, the products show event, ecosystem, etc. Inevitatibly, Huawei is one of the major competitors that Xiaomi faced domestically and abroad. Xiaomi grew very fast…
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Some Thoughts on Business from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Perspective

Human has variety of needs and desires in all their life, and companies are set up to serve all these different needs. With the development of society, people pursue more than ever before, that’s why numerous new startups were built every year. Some companies are dedicated to develop continuous competitive strengths for satisfy a certain people needs for long term growth and profit, however, there are also many companies change from one area to another, always trying to pursue the most…
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