Some Thoughts on Choice Making Influenced by Optimistic and Pessimistic Emotions

Once upon a time, there is a poor guy in Chu country (楚国) in ancient China, reading a story in the book of “Huai Nan Zi” (淮南子): A cockroach hiding behind a leaf so that the predators can not find it. So an idea immediately was sparkled in his head, he collected many leaf from tree, and put one of them covering his eyes. He asked his wife: I can not see u, can u see me? His wife answered bluntly: Of course, I can see u. This guy didn’t quit, and change other leaf to ask his wife again and again: Can u see me this time? Finally, his wife was very impatient: I can not see u. The guy was very happy after hearing this. He went out, put this leaf over his eyes, and steal things from shops. Needless to say: He was caught by the police.

From this story, I see two truth from my perspective:

1. When pessimistic, such as poor, it’s easy to do stupid things, instead of reasonable things.

2. When you put a leaf cover your eyes, you can only see the leaf, you can not see the whole world. (一叶障目,不见泰山).

Recently, something similar happened to me. Optimistic, pessimistic, hesitation, fear, etc, like different leafs, shaded my eyes, and influenced me making choice. It’s hard for me to think from whole picture once optimistic or pessimistic emotion dominates. It’s always easy to give suggestion to others for me, but also struggle for myself when these emotions happen to me.

I was living abroad for a long time, and eagering to go back to China for family. At first, I am always thinking about the happy life if I go back to China. Optimistic emotions was hovering in my mind. After I talked to my boss that I want to transfer to another department in China, he agreed at first but assigned me in another task I didn’t like after a long time, then pessimistic emotion was pouring in my mind. What should I do? Should I resign? Can I have another good job to cover my daily expense? My mind is full of fear and “what if” about my future. The reason I believe is that I didn’t make choice from whole picture, and didn’t prepare alternative ways for myself at first because there are many unexpected things will happen along the road.

How to control emotion? How to make decisions from whole picture instead of being influenced by different emotions?  I still need to learn and grow.

Speaking of value investment, emotion control is also one of most important things to master. In the stock market, price fluctuates with optimistic and pessimistic emotion, fear and greedy is two eternal elements for every one. The true value investor should know the true value of investment, have emotion control, and the mind should not be shaded by huge amounts of leafs from the market.

The most intriguing part is that the mind will generate different leafs by itself from time to time, and the most challenge part is that one should conquer his mind no matter in business or invest. That’s what I should do next.

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