Shenzhen Citizen Center, the Center of Shenzhen

Shenzhen Citizen Center is in the center of Shenzhen, numerous modern buildings and Lianhua Moutain are perfectly merged together, that shows developed human society and nature can be in harmony. You can see the presence of Shenzhen development, the colorful Shenzhen people life, and the beautiful Lianhua Mountain.

On the Shenzhen Citizen Center Plaza, we can see numerous modern buildings from an open space, and Ping An IFC attracts people’s eye most.

We can walk to Lianhua Mountain from here, and it’s easy to see it’s not a high mountain

It will take around 15 minutes to walk to the top of mountain, and you can get a whole picture of Shenzhen here. 

This pic shows Futian Area.

This pic shows Luohu Area.

This pic shows Nanshan Area.

On the top of Lianhua Mountain, Deng Xiaoping statue are standing here and witness Shenzhen development. As you know, Deng Xiaoping promote reform and open policy since 1978. Shenzhen is chosen as the reform experiment place, and have an amazing development since then.

At the foot of Lianhua Mountain, there are Shenzhen Concert Hall, and Shenzhen Library.


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