One Man, 20 years, One City – Huaxi Yelang Gu

During Guoqing Festival, I have traveled to Gui Zhou Province for 6 days. On my second day, I went to Qingyan town and Huaxi Yelang gu, since the two places is near. Actually, Huaxi Yelang gu strike me most, not for its beauty, but for the man behind it. 

Peilun Song is an artist, more than 50 years old, give up his good life in USA  and spend all his savings for Yelang Gu. He didn’t purse economy benefit, but wish to build an art which integrates culture and nature for human being. As I visited Guzhou museum later, I just found out Ye Lang is the first kingdom in Guizhou.

When I 

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