Lhasa, a Thousand Year City Topping on the World Where to Find Soul and Faith

Most people know Lhasa history dates back to Tang dynasty, when Wencheng Princess was married to Songzan Ganbu in Tubo kingdom (now is Tibet) for the peace of both sides. Wencheng princess brought farming technique, art, textile, most importantly, Buddhism to Lhasa.

Now Lhasa is a fast developing city, many people from the inland come to Lhasa seeking wealth. When I took taxi from Lasa Railway station, the driver said there are around 80% taxi drivers from Henan province, and the other 20% are local. Lasa is also famous for its culture, beautiful view. So the touring business is also attracting businessmen from all over the country. Let alone that the Chinese government is investing hugely on the infrasturcture here. So the GDP growth of Xizang is always staying Top in recent years.

Dazhao Temple

The first day, I went to the Dazhao temple and Xiaozhao Temple. The most influencial temples in Tibet. Here, you can see many people praying here devotely, and struck every one’s heart.

Inside Dazhao temple, taking pictues is not allowed to respect Buddha. There are many valueable historical treasures here. And Dazhao temple is decorated by gold, it seems that gold is treasured by man from any place, and time.

Outside Dazhao temple, people are circulating this temple.

The Potala Palace

The Potala Palace is the most iconic building in Lasa, the same as Tianan Men in Beijing. This is where the ancient ruler living.

Summer is a hot season here, not only means the temperature, also many people travelling here. The government make strict policy for the ticket allocation for the Potala Palace. It took me three days to get the ticket and visit the palace.

Behind the Potala Palace, there is a big park. I think it’s the private place just for the rulers. Right now, it’s become a public place for every people relaxing.

Lhasa City

When I got to a place, I like walking around. Since I believe it’s the most effect way to witness local people life, culture, and ways of living.

Lasa is not a big city, you can see many shops for selling commodity, souvenirs, etc. There are also different kinds of hotels to satisfy tourists from all over the world. I think Lasa as the capaital of Xizang pronvice, people in Xizang will buy different commodities here. And Lasa as a famous tourist resort city, the tourists will buy souvenirs here.

In the night, when the lights turned on, the city will be decorated in gold, and there are still many people cirling around Dazhao temple.


Wen Cheng Princess Show

Wen Cheng Princess show is very famous, since it exhibit the history of Tibet and China mixture. This show involved many actors, and amazing for colorful performance.


I stayed in Lasha for several days, I missed the religious atmosphere, most local people here are devoted to their religion, and pray from their heart. When I just standing near Dazhao temple, and watch these faithful man, it seems I have talked to my heart also, and kept ask myself: what I want to pursue in my life? How I will spend my life meaningfully in the future?



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