Lanzhou, the Eastern and Western Interconnection Hub in China

In the next month, I will travel to the western of China, to see the unique nature and culture, especially the Tibet

My first stop is Lanzhou. When the plane hover above Lanzhou city, there is a vast yellow barren land and hill, no life sign in the first impresssion.

However, after going to Lanzhou from airport, you will be amazed at how genius Chinese people building a city in this barren land.

In Lanzhou, my first feeling is this is an ambient city. Lanzhou is not big because of surrondend hills, and was divided by Yellow river.

Travelling Place

Since I only stayed in Lanzhou for two days, the mainly place I visited are Zhangye Walking Street, Zhongshan Bridge, Baita Mountain.

Zhangye Walking Street is in the center of Lanzhou, you can find many shopping malls, restaurants, hotels here. It’s recommend to take a hotel near here.

Zhongshan Bridge is not far from Zhangye Walking Street, it’s takes about 10 minutes walking. Zhongshan Bridge is built more than 100 years ago, and connect the two sides of Lanzhou together. You can feel the mighty of yellow river by standing on the bridge.

Across the Yellow river, Baita Mountain wittness Lanzhou development every year. Baita temple has many beautiful and cultural places to visit, best of all, it’s free.

When entering the gate of Baita Mountain, it feels like a big garden. Many citizens were relaxing here. 

When climbing up the mountain, there are some temples for people to pray. The most impressive one is the Baita temple.

Baita temple is the highest place in the moutain, from here, you can have a full picture of Lanzhou, and it’s really great view here.

In Baita Mountain, there is a place called “Lanzhou Bei Lin”, and you can find many historical famous people calligraphy here. Meanwhile, you can feel great sense of how Lanzhou people love Chinese traditional art.


In Lanzhou, you can find many Buddism and Islam temple here. Lanzhou is the interconnection hub of eastern and western culture since long time ago. Most importantly, Lanzhou people love Chinese traditional art, especially calligraphy. Lanzhou is born from barren yellow land, and create many mircles by the local people. This is typical example of Chinese people diligent, ingeniuity and eager to create better life.

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