Huaqiang North, the Center Hub of Electronics and a Glimpse of Shenzhen Past

Huaqiang North, is just a narrow street in Futian area of Shenzhen, however, it means a lot to the electronics industry just like the meaning as Wall street to finance. It is said, in the prime time, more than half of the foreign trade of electronics in China is from Huaqiang North. Especially, in the 2000, people are pouring into Huaqiang North, and dream to get rich by working here. Indeed, numerous of famous companies and billionaires are born here, such as Hytera, Dazu Laser, Tencent, etc. 

In the Huaqiang North Street, you can see the famous electronics brands, such as Huawei, Apple, Oppo, Samsung, Lenovo, etc, and the big shopping mall, such as Suning, Gome, and you can also see the home appliances brand, such as GREE, Midea, Haier, etc, 

In the past, Huaqiang North is the driving engine of Shenzhen, and prompt Shenzhen as the international city. However, as online commerce plays more important role in Chinese daily life, and people are inclined to buy the standard products on JD, Taobao, TMall, etc. So, Huaqiang North street prime time has passed. From the above pictures, we can see there were few people on the street. 

But, from the Shenzhen government planning, Huaqiang North will transform it from electronics products selling position to foster the electronics startups, as there is a full electronics industry chain around Huaqiang North street. 

Let’s see whether Huaqiang North will take another peak or not

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