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Travel and live in Philippines

Due to work reasons, I have lived in Philippines for over one year now. When I came here, I think Philippines is very similar as China in 1980s. Many young people everywhere, and most people live in very poor condition. However, there are also modern places in Manila, such as Makati, BGC, etc, high-end shopping mall, and beautiful beach resort, which shows great wealth disparity. This pic shows large slums area in Manila. This pic shows high modern buildings in…
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Some thoughts on vision, business, and investment

Let’s start with a scenario: when you travel in a strange place and get lost, luckily you find a road sign, however, there are many complex directions on it. What will you do next? I think many people will try different ways in short distance and back to the original place in the end. Another example I believe most people tried when they are kids: close your eyes even in a wide straight road and try to find how long…
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Hello, 2017

2016 is just past, and welcome 2017! To me, I have plenty of memories in 2016, both good and bad. For investment philosophy, I have become more confidence in value investment; for invest in Chinese stock market, I also have some profit based on my investment philosophy and framework. The Snowball book and Warren Buffet to shareholder letter provides me a more comprehensive insights in investment. Thank you, Warren! And wish you always keep healthy and happy. 2017 starts from…
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