Analysis of Hikvision 2019 Annual Financial Reports

As I have discussed before, Hikvision is a video-centered intelligent IoT solutions and big data services provider, whose businesses are focused on comprehensive security, big data services and intelligent business. It builds open cooperation ecosystems, serves the users in public service sectors, enterprises and public institutions and medium/small enterprises and strives to build smart city and digitized enterprises with cloud-edge fusion, IoT-information network fusion and big data-AI fusion.

In the field of comprehensive security, as reported by Omdia1 , Hikvision has ranked first in the world in the video surveillance industry for eight consecutive years and owns 24.1% share of the video surveillance market. In the “World’s Top 50 Security Companies” list published by a&s Automation and Security, Hikvision has ranked first for four consecutive years.

In the field of big data services, Hikvision has created the IoT-information network fusion data platform to provide multiple industries with “multi-network aggregation and cross-domain fusion” big data aggregation, governance and mining services.

In the field of intelligent business, Hikvision is deeply dedicated to the development of industrial intelligent business and supporting smart city, safe city, smart transportation, digital enterprise, and smart community initiatives.

Financial Analysis

In 2019, the US-China trade war had tremendous impact on globalization. However, Hikvision continued progressing with sound and healthy operation. In 2019, Hikvision achieved total business revenue of RMB 57.66 billion, with YoY growth of 15.69%; the net profit attributable to shareholders of the Company was RMB 12.41 billion, with YoY growth of 9.36%. The gross profit margin of the Company in 2019 was 45.99%, an increase of 1.14% comparing to the prior year.



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