Alibaba, the Operating System for Commerce, Make Business Easy Anywhere

Alibaba is the largest enterprise in China by market capital right now, and it only has 20 years history, which aim to last at least 102 years. The most important founder, Jack Ma, is like a rock star. In China, Alibaba and Tencent provides the digital life and transformed everyone’s life. Alibaba aim to build the operating system for commerce, and buying items online is a basic lifestyle. Tencent has built infrastructure for social life online, everyone’s phone has Wechat or APP, and I will discuss about Tencent in another post. 

Alibaba history is based on an idea. Jack Ma traveled to USA in 1994, and discovered Internet. An idea just prompt in his head, people from all over the world can buy things from China on the Internet. So after several years preparation, he found Alibaba in 1999, and teach merchants sell things on the Internet. 

As eBay entered into China, Jack Ma has the sense that C2C mode will be popular, and founded Taobao to compete with eBay. Taobao is tremendously successful afterwards. Then, if the strangers trades on the Internet, trust from both sides has to be resolved. Alipay is created to make trust fro the strangers. 

With the development of eCommerce in China, Alibaba faced different challenges, however, Alibaba has created different services to resolve these challenges. Currently, in the digital era, Alibaba has a bundle of services to make it easy to do business anywhere. 

Actually, Alibaba is more than enable merchantes to do businesses on the internet now, it is transformed into the operating system for commerce. Alibaba cloud is the the data platform to support different services, including retail, logistics, finance, etc, 

Alibaba is an international company, make a lot of investment abroad and keep its words: make business any where. 

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