A Quick Glimpse of Xining

Xining is in the between Lasha and Lanzhou, which is very near to Lanzhou. When I finished the trip of Tibet, I planned to go to Xining. There are two famous scenarios near Xining: Qinghai Lake and Tarl Temple. It took around 21 hours by train from Lasha to Xining. When I was in the train, I have encountered a monk from Sichuan Province. We talked a lot about life, religious, etc. That’s one part why I love traveling, because you can meet many people from different backgrounds, and learn new things from them.

Before I went to Xining City, I just think its a small city. However, when I went outside the train station, I just saw many high modern buildings. I feel like I was in Shenzhen or Shanghai.

The weather in Xining is very good, it’s not very hot in summer. After I have settled in hotel, I just walked around this city, it gave me much more impression on modernality.


The food here in Xining is similar to Lanzhou, mainly noodle, Mutton, Liangpi, and so on.


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