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The Top 10 Places You Must Go When Visiting Shenzhen

In Quroa, I see many foreigners asking for what places are fun or worth to visit in Shenzhen. I will summarize the top 10 places that are the best places to visit in my mind. Shenzhen Citizens Center Shenzhen Citizens Center is located in the center of Shenzhen. From here, you can have a whole picture of this modern city. There are many places here you should not miss: Ping An Building: The highest building in Shenzhen, which is more…
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A Quick Glimpse of Xining

Xining is in the between Lasha and Lanzhou, which is very near to Lanzhou. When I finished the trip of Tibet, I planned to go to Xining. There are two famous scenarios near Xining: Qinghai Lake and Tarl Temple. It took around 21 hours by train from Lasha to Xining. When I was in the train, I have encountered a monk from Sichuan Province. We talked a lot about life, religious, etc. That’s one part why I love traveling, because…
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The Journey to the South of Tibet Plateau

After dwelling in Lasha for several days, I decided to go to the south of Tibet Plateau with my friends, including some amazing places: Linzhi, Ya Lu Zang Bu river, Namucuo, Yang Lake, etc. It took around 5 days to travel for these places, and most of the journey is in the car, however, it’s worth it! The first place is Mila Mountain, it’s the gateway to the south. The height of this mountain is around 5.1KM. When I arrrived…
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Hikvision Financial Analysis

In previous post, I have analyzed Hikvision from business perspective, for details, please refer to http://www.xueqiuxia.com/blog/hikvision-business-analysis-great-iot-solution-provider-based-on-video-surveillance-to-leading-promising-ai-era/ In this post, I will analyze Hikvision from financial analysis. As I have discussed before, my analysis always focus on four parts: Financial health; Business growth; Profitability; Management efficiency. Now, let’s dive into the four parts one by one: Financial Health. In this part, the most import is to check if this company has enough money to pay its loan, to check how many…
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Lhasa, a Thousand Year City Topping on the World Where to Find Soul and Faith

Most people know Lhasa history dates back to Tang dynasty, when Wencheng Princess was married to Songzan Ganbu in Tubo kingdom (now is Tibet) for the peace of both sides. Wencheng princess brought farming technique, art, textile, most importantly, Buddhism to Lhasa. Now Lhasa is a fast developing city, many people from the inland come to Lhasa seeking wealth. When I took taxi from Lasa Railway station, the driver said there are around 80% taxi drivers from Henan province, and…
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Tibet Plateau, a Place Nearest Heaven

After I visited Lanzhou, I took the train from Lanzhou to Lasa, and the train will go through the Tibet Plateau. The average height of Tibet is more than 4 KM, the highest mountain Everest is also in Tibet plateau. Actually, we all believe that Tibet is a place which is nearest to heaven. There’s no better way to wittness the greatness of Tibet plateau on Qingzang Railway. On the train, you can see Tibet in a whole picture quietly….
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Lanzhou, the Eastern and Western Interconnection Hub in China

In the next month, I will travel to the western of China, to see the unique nature and culture, especially the Tibet.  My first stop is Lanzhou. When the plane hover above Lanzhou city, there is a vast yellow barren land and hill, no life sign in the first impresssion. However, after going to Lanzhou from airport, you will be amazed at how genius Chinese people building a city in this barren land. In Lanzhou, my first feeling is this…
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Investment Thoughts and Records in Chinese Stock Market for 2017 H1

In 2017 H1, the power of value investment in China stock market has shown to everyone. “Beautiful 50” market value has grew a lot during this period. As Chinese stock market and the investors become more mature, I believe that the market value of these companies generates real wealth will far exceed other companies in the future. During 2017 H1, the overall return of my investment in Chinese stock market is 35.66%, in comparison, the Shanghai index increased around 1.8%,…
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Some Pictures of Huawei HQ in Shenzhen Bantian

Huawei is one of most successful enterprises in China in the past decades, I have discussed about the business, competitive strength, financial analysis of Huawei in the previous posts. Today, I want to show you some pictures of Huawei HQ in Senzhen Bantian, which show Huawei success in another perspective. HUAWEI administration area. In Huawei HQ, the working environment is very good, especially in the administration area. The small lake with surrounding trees, making it best for relaxing after work….
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Farewell Manila, Salamat Philippines!

Today I will leave to China, I would never think how I miss Philippines so much when I leave. Raining is so strong outside of restaurant, it seems that the God don’t want me leave as well. In the airport, so many memories rushed into my head. I have experienced many happy moments, met many friends, and enjoyed wonderful nature here in the past one year. It’s hard to say goodbye, but I will definitely be back again.